Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finding a rhythm

So I'm not dairy, gluten or sugar free. That can be pretty safely stated - I don't think I've managed it for a single day since I started this adventure. However, I have so greatly reduced amount that I'm consuming that I've lost 9 lbs. :) I directly credit the food because Goddess knows I haven't picked up an exercise routine! ;)

I am finding a rhythm now. There are some big changes, like that I'm not drinking coffee in the mornings anymore. It's not a decision I made, I just don't have a way to do it that is satisfying. It's not about the caffeine, I drink decaf - it's the experience. If I can't experience it the way I want it, I just won't experience it at all. There are definitely days when I wake up and think how amazing a cup of coffee would be (today is one of them) and instead i make a cup of unsweetened tea and am always surprised at how well it satisfies me, even though it's not dark, nor creamy, nor sweet.

I'm still having my Starbucks decaf-triple-grande-white-mocha. However I'm not getting one every time I leave my house. I'm having them maybe once or twice a week, rather than every time I leave the house. I'm still buying a decaf-soy-latte as well so still reducing the amount of sugar I'm consuming too, in that way.

When I get hungry, I do everything I can to find someting to eat that is within my parameters. When I can't, I still eat. It's better to eat something with protein and gluten, than to eat nothing - especially considering my history of not eating all day.

I've noticed my tolerance for sugar is much less. When I drink juice or anything with a lot of sugar, I get a headache. Last night I ate three pieces of pizza and some Sierra Mist. My guts are unhappy this morning and I have a headache. Knowing this makes me really consider before I eat like that again, and I think about all of these things before I eat any food, any time of day. It was a lot of work at first and sometimes when my fridge is uninspiring I feel like this is all too much and I should just chuck it. Then I realize that what I'm eating isn't the problem, it's that in that moment, I'm just caught unprepared. When I'm prepared, I eat really well, I feel great, and I don't have a bunch of guilt when I want to eat something that is 'off' my plan.

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