Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1

Well, here I am at day one. No gluten, sugar or um... what was it... oh yes, dairy. I'm sure my memory will improve as this goes along, at least that's what I hear. ;)

So I've realized that I need to get into a new relationship with food. Basically my relationship amounts to a marriage between two people who are staying together for the kids. It's not sexy. It's not inspiring, it lacks...  j'ne sais quoi.

At this point I'm overweight and yet I don't eat much. What I do well is to drink my calories and boy are they delicious. Usually in some sort of coffee format. Oh yeah. Coffee, I could bathe in it. I wonder if that would be beneficial... Hmmm..

Okay, back to today. I'm going to do my best to write every day, near the end of the day. I want to sort of track my daily progress because I think it will be helpful to read backward when I'm struggling.

Today- was pretty easy actually. I actually had a good food day today. I cooked breakfast (wow, I not only ate, but I also cooked! C-c-c-craaazy!). Eggs and potatoes. :) Simple and easy and actually pretty darn quick. I had tortilla soup and salad for lunch- forgot that raspberry vinaigrette has fruit in it (doh!) and coconut water. I did have a soy chai at my meeting and I felt briefly bad about it - briefly. I'm not going to even worry about perfection. It's okay if I don't get it right every single time- the next meal is a new opportunity.

I felt really good all day for the most part. I did get a headache in the late afternoon that did ease up after I had that chai. I can't believe I'm detoxing from sugar on day 1, that seems weird. Tomorrow I'm going to Cyndi's for breakfast and I think I'll get a sugar free vanilla soy latte or something. I'm not a big fan of the sugar free stuff (it tastes like shit!) but they have stevia so I could try that, too. I don't know, I'll sleep on it. Coffee will be by far the hardest thing to give up.

I felt strong all day and then the kids went to bed and my usual rummaging around in the kitchen to find something snacky was not satisfied. I had several minutes of wondering- am I truly hungry (I didn't eat much of the shrimp salad I made) or am I eating out of habit? I felt that I did need a little protein but I wasn't hungry, per se. So Randy warmed up two hot dogs for me and I just enjoyed them with a little mustard - and now I'm satisfied.

I'm definitely craving something sweet to drink though. I'll go to bed and tomorrow will be a new day. Gluten and dairy? No sweat. Dropping sugar? My nemesis, I'm realizing. Holy moly.

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